Arriving in the United States from Palermo, Italy, Mario Russo worked for a time making ornamental pictures frames. He later became associated with the Crucet Manufacturing Company in making decorative baskets, shades of mica, and a line of decorative floor lamps and torchiers. In 1922, he founded the Mario Manufacturing Company. In addition to producing beautifully hand decorated mica shades, the company became well known for its leather lamps. Mario, located on 26th street in New York, continued to grow and in the 1950's became one of the first companies to import hand crafted lamp bases from Italy.

In 1952, upon the death of his father, Vito Russo became President of Mario Manufacturing. Mario Manufacturing expanded and relocated its production facilities to Mount Vernon, New York in the early 1960's. In 1965, Mario innovated the still popular mini lamp. These mini lamps created the transition for lighting to become decorative as well as functional.

In 1988, Mario Russo's grandson, Louis Scutellaro, became President and relocated the business to Roanoke, Virginia. Since it's relocation, Mario has become a self contained manufacturer, producing all of its own components. Facilities include Ceramic Production., Woodworking, Permastone, and a comprehensive Lampshade program. Throughout the years, Mario has always manufactured hand crafted leather lamps as the company's signature. In 1997, Mario Industries re-introduced lampshades of genuine mica, reminiscent of the original Mario Designs.

Today, Mario, one of the oldest family owned lamp manufacturer in the country, has grown to include these affiliated companies: Lampshades by Mario, Passport Furniture, Reliance Lamp, and Finial Showcase. While serving a loyal International customer base nearly 5000 strong, Mario prides itself on its ability to equally serve both large and small customers, producing the finest quality lighting.

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